Heroin and Alcohol
Updated: 5/3/2019
Heroin and Alcohol

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  • Injecting heroin can cause HIV and excessive alcohol consumption can cause liver damage
  • Do you have some more alcohol?
  • What??? NO!!!
  • What Happen???
  • Drunk man. i can't stop it bro.
  • Is not good man because it will make you have an alcoholism and your liver could be damage because alcohol is like a poison for your body.
  • Other than that a person that use alcohol could have a disease called alcoholism/
  • Alcohol could effect in many ways. they could make a person drunk if they use it in the wrong portion.
  • Alex accidentally meet john and he bis asking more alcohol as he was addicted to it.
  • A heroin is a type of drug substance that can be used for medical treatment. Especially to relieve pain or also called as the pain killer. somehow it also could make an HIV because they share the injection to have the pain killer
  • Basicly the conection is when someone is adicted with the heroin, and so that peron will also drink the alcohol.
  • The liver is often damage because the liver have job of breaking down drugs such as alcohol in the body and it will cause to cirrhosis.
  • Effects of alcohol
  • Effects of heroin
  • Connection of heroin and alcohol
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