Updated: 2/9/2020

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  • Accident in greece
  • My dog Coco
  • first day of year 6(highschool)
  • We went to greece for a holiday, we went to the park to play. I was going to step up onto a cement step but my foot slipped and I grazed my skin down to the bone on my left leg, there was blood everywhere and when I got home I couldnt go to bed because of how bad it was, the scar remains.
  • When I started Aerobics
  • I have a dog named coco and she hates the vacuum cleaner. one day she wondered into the laundry and went to get a drink, we heard a bang and saw coco racing out of the laundry. she ran so fast that she didnt see the glass sliding door so she colided into it. we went to check what happened in the laundry and realised that the vacuum fell over.
  • My first Aerobics comp
  • the first day being at marymount was a great day, I had my friends from my previous school and i even managed to make new ones. over the year being at marymount was the best year of my life so far and I enjoyed being there and I learnt a lot during that year.
  • Queensland comps
  • The first day of aerobics i had started to learn a new routine with two other new girls, I enjoyed it a lot and i was looking foward to doing more of Aerobics. I was learning the level 4 routine, so that I could compete the routine in the next 5 comps one of them was in queensland.
  • I competed my level 4 routine with one of the girls because the other left, we competed a duo and came first in the comp. After our first compition we became good freinds and we competed together in the next four compitions.
  • My family and I went to Queensland for my aerobics state championships I was performing three different rutines a duo, single and a whole squad routine, on the squad rutine we came second and with the other rutines we I didnt place.