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Updated: 10/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • hi every one my name is nicha darusan I'm 15 yearold, i'm pretty i'm frienly i love thai food such as tomgumkun now I studay at bannaisoi school i'm in the 8 grade i live with my parent I live in longnack karan villge is about 3 kilometer from school
  • for my weekday rotine I choose to talk about thus day I usually get up at 5.30, aeter that i brussteeth and get dressed then, I alway have breakfast next , I go to school by motercycle
  • At school . I help friend clend up classroom in class , i start the mornning classes at 8.30 for buddhism, I often study about the religion,is so interesting for me NextI syudy match I don't like match problems but i like a geometry but is ok. then I study home econamic teanologudesing to the isometric oblic I's so challenge to me
  • I have lunch at noon At 12 0'clock I start after noon class, for music I usually sing a song I very happy with this class ang then I studay science class , It's so funny I like about the chemical and we makes a project, after that I have a sport class I can play a takraw is so excited to me
  • After school , at 4.30 I sometime play vollet ball with my friend for 5.30 I get home , I help mom do my my house work such as do laundry and clend the disher, then I take a bath and I have dinner with my sister from 7 until to 8.30 i usually do my homework
  • it's around 8.30 to 10 o'clock I awlay watch TV and watch english spoken serie, I love ramatic I often chat to friend on facebook and see tiktok and I go to bed at 10 o'clock