The creation of the tides

Updated: 5/20/2020
The creation of the tides

Storyboard Text

  • But one day at the age of sixteen Altum was taking her usual beach walk when she saw something glistening on a rock. She was greatly shocked upon finding it was a large pearl inside a clam. It would easily be the best object in her collection and the urge to take it pulled her towards the rock like a fisherman reeling in a line. Altum was shaking as she held out her hand, never having broken this rule before. But just as her finger began to touch the pearl the clam snapped shut.
  • She sat there for hours before her Viribus came to check on her.When he did come, he was at first angry, and tried to un-leaver the clam’s mouth, but even Viribus the god of strength could not unhinge the clams tight grip. “It belonged to the clam.” Was all he could say, tightly. The tide crept closer and closer, up the sand over the next few days began to lap at Altum’s feet. Eventually the water was up to her neck and she knew it would only be a matter of hours before she would never see her beloved father again.
  • The water was about a meter above her head when Altum awoke, the water that was the roof of her prison began to move. But instead of reaching higher it was lowering slowly but steadily. She stood for about ten minutes, transfixed by the water which appeared to be performing some sort of miracle. Then as the water reached below her eyes Altum realized what had caused it. Viribus had the ocean attached to a fishing line and was pulling it out. When he caught site of Altum’s eyes he rushed over to Altum, and she found herself in a tight embrace. “I am sorry, I have to go.”Said Viribus. “The ocean will rise again but I will come every night and pull it out so I can see you.” With those words lingering in the air Viribus ran off leaving Altum alone with the ocean once more. This is how the tides were created.