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Updated: 5/21/2020
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  • I met Change when my mother spoke to me. She told me we were leaving our old lives behind and moving to Australia.
  • We waved our lastgoodbyes like soldiers in the rain. All I could do was watch helplessly fromthe back of the cab as the fragile frame of my grandmother disappeared into thedistance. Little did I know that this was only the beginning of the neverending rollercoaster that was now my life.
  • The new school was a prison, sucking joy out of the air faster than a vacuum cleaner. Nobody exceptmy shadow to talk to. Change had followed me all the way from Nanjing andseemed to hover over my head like a storm cloud everywhere I went.
  • Although our new housewasn’t too bad, I just couldn’t stop my thoughts washing back to my old life. The fun and adventure I had left behind with my Grandma. The worst was that I could do nothing about it.
  • Just when I thought Changehad gone, wave two came barreling down. Swirling, falling, tumbling around me. Whatwas once my family, my friend, is gone; taken by the winds of change. My home,a kingdom with a new king, a sky with a new sun.
  • But it was the little things too, the ones that came out of the blue. When I tried my best, but my plans just didn’t seem to succeed and all I had left was an unexpected mess.
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