The Troy War

Updated: 5/19/2020
The Troy War

Storyboard Text

  • Nearly 3,000 years ago, the passion for one wowan led to the greatest battel ever fought for love...
  • Okay,Prince Paris, I will go to Troia with you!
  • Princess Helena, you are the most beautiful woman of all! Come with me, we are going to be happy together!
  • Yes, sir! I will prepare the army!
  • Aquiles, go to Troia and bring my wife back, whatever it takes, NOW!
  • And so began the war between Spartans and Trojans.
  • 10 years later the Spartans gave a present to the Trojans representing peace.
  • Soldiers came out of the horse and dominated Troia. The war ended with the victory of the Greeks and Helena was taken back to Sparta.