Eli's magic crown

Updated: 6/27/2020
Eli's magic crown

Storyboard Text

  • Eli with his eyes bulged out from fear looked at Anila, and replied, bye Ni, I'm gonna miss you and he grabbed the magic crown and swam away, but Anila was not happy
  • Why you LiL !&%*@
  • we to scared to help
  • Nope, I never liked lil dude anyway hebalanced the ball on his nose better than me
  • Help me king Eli has been fish napped by the ghost pirate
  • Me either
  • I'm not helping
  • Phew, thanks for saving me Ni.
  • No problem Eli, after all blood is thicker than water
  • Lord please letpookie come on before I kick her in the throat
  • The End