How David, Rosalind, and Petra escaped Waknuk
Updated: 4/6/2021
How David, Rosalind, and Petra escaped Waknuk

Storyboard Text

  • In the middle of the night, David urgently wakes his sister Sophie up.
  • Hurry! You have to get dressed! We have to go right away!
  • They got on their horse and galloped into the forest.
  • Rosalind checks all the bags for food and supplies.
  • Sorry! We were in a hurry and trying not to get caught!.
  • We have to get out of here fast!We should stick together and only use 1 horse
  • What the heck? That's all you brought?
  • After being on the horse for so long, they decided to take a break
  • While the girls were asleep, David decided to communicate with Michael using his mind.
  • Since they'\\ be sending out posses after you, i'm going to volunteer so I can secretly help you.
  • We finally got away from Waknuk!
  • What happened?
  • Oh no! I've killed him!
  • Spotting an enemy hiding in the bushes, Rosalind had to be brave to save their lives.