Little red ridding hood
Updated: 1/13/2021
Little red ridding hood

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  • Little Red Ridding Hood
  • BY: Niranjana Rajesh,6B
  • Once upon a time. There lived a little girl who wore a little cape with a hood. She was called Little Red Ridding Hood.
  • One day, her mother told her to take a basket of food to her grandmother who was ill. Her grandmothers house was far away in the forest.
  • A wolf found out about this and decided to break into break into the grandmother's home, put on her clothes and hide the grandmother in the cupboard. Then he waited for the little girl to show up, so that he could trick her into giving him the treats.
  • The Girl came over and the fox exposed his true identity and as about he was about to eat her, a woodcutter showed up to come to rescue her. The wolf ran away and the grandmother came out of the cupboard.
  • And happily lived ever after... "Do Not Be Wise In Words - Be Wise In Deeds"The End
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