plate tectonics project
Updated: 2/7/2020
plate tectonics project
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  • It was Alfred Wegener.
  • Does anyone know who originated the theory of Pangea?
  • What was his role in plate tectonics?
  • Correct! Pangaea was a supercontinent that incorporated almost all land masses on Earth during early geological time.
  • He created the theory of "continental drift". His idea was accepted by scientists until Aurther Holmes later recognized his theory.
  • Volcanos, mountain ranges, and deep ocean trenches are formed at a convergent boundary.
  • A convergent boundary is when two lithosphere plates are moving towards each other. The three types of convergent boundaries are oceanic- continental, continental- continental, and oceanic- oceanic.
  • The Andes Mount. range is an example of a convergent boundary. The Washington-Oregon Coastline is an convergent boundary in the USA
  • At a divergent boundary the two plates are moving away from each other.
  • An example of a divergent boundary is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
  • Deep ocean Trenches are formed at a divergent boundary
  • A transform boundary causes earthquakes. The San Andres Fault is an example of a transform bounty in the USA.
  • Transform is when two plates slide past each other.
  • We live on the North American plate which borders the Eurasian plate. We are in danger of earthquakes and in the distant future California might become it's own island!
  • Ridge push is a proposed driving force in plate tectonics that occurs in mid-oceanic ridges.
  • Slab pull is part of the motion of a tectonic plate caused by its subduction.
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