India's Daughter
Updated: 3/11/2020
India's Daughter

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  • The mindset was since they don't have money to have sex, they rape women who aren't following societies rules
  • The men claim they did it to teach a lesson and a 'decent' girl would have not been out at that time
  • If my daughter went out with a boy at that time, I would burn her myself!
  • In our Indian culture, there is no place for a women and, a girl and boy can't be friends.
  • Before the men were convicted, which they were, Ram ended up committing suicide in jail on March 11, 2013.
  • Dr. Sandeep Govil who was the Jail Psychiatrist for the Rapists had multiple conversations with the accused to figure out what they raped Jyoti.
  • Why is she out with a boy at this time?! She is asking for trouble!
  • The defence lawyers M.L. Sharma and AP Singh made controversial statements defending the rapists.
  • Although this incident occurred 8 years ago, it still has a significant impact on India's society as it brought light to the growing concern of rapes and majority of them not being reported. Not to forget, how they view women.
  • She should be at home helping her mother!