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British Revolution
Updated: 9/7/2018
British Revolution
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Nisha and Jajaa

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  • Charles II becomes king
  • We voted you to be king
  • James II becomes king
  • We don't want you as king
  • We want you as king
  • Now that Charles II is dead I'll be king because I'm his brother
  • William overthrown James II
  • Leave, we don't want you. You're a terrible king.
  • After the death of Cromwell in 1568, the new parliament voted for Charles II to be the new king. He restored the monarchy, so during his rule is called the Restoration. During his rule, the parliament Parliament passed an important guarantee of freedom, "habeas corpus". giving people such as the prisoner more freedom.
  • The Parliament debated on who should inherit Charles’s throne, because charles did not have any child so his hire was his brother Jame II who was Catholic. A group called the Whigs opposed James, and a group called the Tories supported him. Finally in 1685 Charles II died and James II took the throne
  • When James II became king he shows his Catholicism, violating English law. The parliament invited Mary and her husband William of Orange, who are Protestant, to overthrow James II. William led his army to London in 1688 making James II fled to France. In Mary and William's coronation, they vowed to recognize the Parliament as their partner in governing, making England a constitutional monarchy,
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