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Updated: 1/29/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Jason, josh and Lewis are eating.
  • wait if I clean a vacuum cleaner am I then a vacuum cleaner?
  • man this lockdown is boring there's nothing to do.
  • I've gotten used to it since the first lockdown.
  • They discuss their plans for the day.
  • ok well at least its the weekend guys so no more online school.
  • for u guys sure but I'm gonna watch some Netflix.
  • so gaming all day?
  • Josh is getting ready.
  • ok guys lets do this! no mistakes full sweat now!
  • So is Lewis.
  • if I weigh 99 pounds and eat a pound of nachos am I one percent nacho?
  • Inside the game...
  • it got boring.
  • As the game continues...
  • which orange came first the fruit or the colour?
  • turret set now get back josh!
  • ok.
  • thought you were watching Netflix?