Parshas Bereishis Part 03
Updated: 5/18/2020
Parshas Bereishis Part 03
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  • Before the sin of Adam and Chava the Yetzer Hara was not in people causing them to sin, however once they sinned the Yetzer Hara was able to enter their bodies.
  • HaShem said you couldn’t eat from any of the fruit in this garden.
  • No! HaShem said we cannot eat or touch the Eitz Hada’as, but we may eat from all the other trees.
  • You won’t die if you touch it. HaShem knows that when you eat from it you will become like Him.
  • HaShem said that you cannot eat from any of the fruit in this garden.
  • At this point the Yetzer Hara was in the form of a snake. The snake said to Chava...
  • Chava was convinced. She took some of the fruit and ate and gave some to her husband, Adam too.
  • That was of course a lie nobody can become like HaShem.
  • To prove that Chava would not die from touching the tree, the snake pushed Chava against the tree. Nothing happened.
  • HaShem was upset. He first cursed the snake. It would have to crawl on it body, and eat the dust of the earth. (Before that the snake had legs and could walk.)
  • Also, HaShem said that the snake and people would always be enemies trying to kill each other. The snake trying to bite a person’s heel, and the person trying to crush the snake with his foot.
  • Then HaShem punished Adam & Chava. Adam would have to work the fields to get his food. (Before that he was served everything.) It would be hard.
  • Chava’s punishment was that, she and all women after her would have pain during childbirth.
  • Also, as a punishment her husband will rule over her.
  • All this happened on Friday. After Shabbos, HaShem exiled Adam & Chava from Gan Eden and placed two angels there two guard it.
  • After the sin of eating from the Eitz Hada’as, the Yetzer Hara which was outside of the body was allowed to enter their bodies, and try to get them to do evil. They were also given a Yetzer Tov.
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