animal adaptations
Updated: 9/9/2020
animal adaptations

Storyboard Text

  • my name is Karen the coyote. I live in the wilderness and near mountains and water.
  • I like to be in forest areas and am curious about humans but keep to myself. I stay in a small area as long as their food to hunt and water to drink
  • i finda cave tostay cool on hot days and to protect me from predators.
  • these are my buds. We are a pack. We look out for each other and catch prey. We can up to 40 miles an hour. 
  • My thick fur keeps me warm and camouflages me from predators. It also helps me stay hidden when I hunt for food. I eat rabbits and deer, frogs mice and fish.
  • my teth are sharp and i have a strong jaw. This helps me catch prey and eat them, so I can survive.