The Thrilling Adventures of G-Man
Updated: 3/31/2020
The Thrilling Adventures of G-Man
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  • What a beautiful day! I love this fresh nitrogen and oxygen that I'm breathing in!
  • Oh no! Not Frank! He's my best friend! What should I do?Curse you Condensator!
  • Hey G-Man! I'm Back! And I've trapped your friend Frank the Bubble in a room where it gets hotter by the minute. Try to save him, if you can!
  • Frank! Thankfully you are still alive! We don't have much time! I'm going to add more bubble solution so your volume increases and the pressure decreases.
  • Help! My mom taught me Gay-Lussac's Law as a young sud. As temperature increases so does pressure! I don't want to pop!
  • I have a plan! Boyle's Law tells me that as Volume increases, pressure decreases. I will add more Bubble solution to Frank so the pressure on him decreases!
  • G-Man! Thank gosh you're here! That sounds like a great plan!
  • Wow! Thanks G-Man! I feel so much bigger! You've saved me once again!
  • No problem Frank! But don't thank me, thank the Gas Laws! Now let's get out of here!
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