Aeden's life
Updated: 5/18/2020
Aeden's life

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  • That's me!!
  • Sup Man!
  • Marry me..
  • Can't wait for the game tonight!
  • How's the best athlete in town!
  • Hi Aeden!
  • Aeden grew up happily in his house in Pennsylvania with his family. He went to private school throughout his school years, and loved to do sports.
  • He graduated high school at ND, and became one of the top athletes around.
  • He decided to spend his college years at Boston University, and majored in Physics.
  • There he met a lovely girl named Danielle, and late married her.
  • They ended up living in a house together in Baltimore, where Aeden decided to pursue his love of science as a science engineer.
  • Danielle and Aeden eventually coughed up 13 kids at the age of 30.. (12 girls and 1 boy!!) Fortunately Aeden and his family grew old together, and he died a peaceful death.