Eli's life story
Updated: 5/19/2020
Eli's life story

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  • Eli grew up in a family of 6, where he loved to read and play fortnite.
  • Hoping to fulfill his dream in becoming the next Mr. Beast, he decided to become a youtuber. He surprisingly became a big youtuber, and people knew him as LuckyMan900.
  • Eli decided to major in English Literature, and successfully graduated from Cornell University.
  • After graduating and on a trip to United Arab Emirates, Eli met a lovely girl named Olivia at the Dubai mall. They eventually married into a happy couple.
  • They decided to settle in Copenhagen, Denmark, where Eli became the king & bought a beautiful castle.
  • Eli & Olivia ultimately bore 6 kids (3 girls & 3 boys) at the age of 25. Happily, they grew old together in their castle, and they died a peaceful death.