Out of my mind
Updated: 8/12/2020
Out of my mind

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  • Come on Melody, you can do it!
  • Mrs V was always there for Melody and treated her like every other child. Even when she was born Mrs V didn’t back away when she saw Melody she went to her and held her, treated Melody like she would to her own child.
  • Steven Hawking, the worlds greatest ledgend!
  • Mrs V is Melody’s next door neighbour so she offered to babysit Melody when her parents were busy. It started off by Melody only going there when she had to, but now she goes there every day after school.
  • Melody had superpowers and needed help to find them, as Mrs V said. So she got Melody to crawl on the carpet to reach her toy. Melody made it and now has the ability to roll over and crawl.
  • Mrs V and Melody watched a programme about Steven Hawking. Melody was fascinated about how he had disabilities like her but was still one of the smartest people alive. She felt a connection with him and wanted to be like him
  • Melody tried to explain to Mrs V that she wants to learn more words and something more complicated then what she has right now. Melody gets upset because she can’t talk to explain how she feels and what she wants but eventually Mrs V understands.
  • Mrs V took Melody out into the rain for some fun. Melody loved it and was so happy. They both got soaked but laughed and played in the water. Mrs V told stories about the clouds and why it rains.