part 2 allegory writing
Updated: 12/7/2020
part 2 allegory writing

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part 2

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  • Failing
  • Eventually I managed to mark most of my classes down before they were full except the extremely popular classes that were always full like math and reading, so I went down the list and picked some of the ones that seemed less boring than the others, each class lasted around 10 minuets, so I had lots to fill but it would still give me enough time to finish the test
  • One day I checked my grades. I do this every day but today was stranger than normal when I checked my previously perfect scores, I noticed how my grades in “essays about essays about motivational posters” was dropping fast so I must be missing assignments somewhere, if not I will ask the teacher for bonus if not... I don’t want to write about ifs.
  • ...bonus..
  • Today was my lucky day I had a teacher call in sick, so I was looking around the classroom while bored and found a stack of papers with big words saying “bonus” hopefully enough points to fix my grade and prove that I could be smart enough to not be moved either back home or worse, to a smaller school. When I got back to my seat, I hastily moved the next class happy I would have a chance to prove myself. But I was startled by joe’s voice behind me.
  • “hey, I haven't seen you since last month!” (had it been a month I do not know who was right) “I thought you were moved to another school by now.” the excitement in his voice brought me back to the bus ride, had it really been a month I hadn't even though to that time since... Well, I can't remember anymore. “I saw you in last class getting a paper and was confused why I hadn't seen you before.” I showed him the paper saying, “Have you gotten the bonus assignment in last class.”
  • Checking his watch again Joe must have realized we would have been late as he sprinted off in the other direction. Eventually I read the document and realized the mistake I had made. The next morning, I repeated what I had read in my head it was a newspaper dated to December 25th saying “another report of children going missing at the megacorp school district as heads of the company gain mysterious bonus pay...”
  • What if I was just going insane what if this , what if they fail what if they fail me and go home in disgrace? What if what if........ That night I learned more than I did my time here, like how to pick locks for the first time, I also learned how to print out hundreds of papers with the help of the photo copier and the password on the flash drive, joe must have worked at the paper that must be how he got that watch, he didn’t walk in the school with it and outside electronics are illegal anyways. I can't think about what Joe was doing now how did he know he was going to disappear where did he go so many questions that will never be answered. But the missing students report will be because tomorrow the kids all over will have something very interesting to read.
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