LAB #14 Storyboard
Updated: 4/20/2020
LAB #14 Storyboard
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  • Program Name: The Daring Conquest of Three British Rogues Storyboard # 1 of 6 Copywriter(s): Noah Lewandowski Date: 04/20/20
  • Hey guys, what's that?! Guys! Guys!, Wake up!!
  • James, what do you want were trying to rest
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  • Alright guys, don't freak out. Were going to have to go through it. Just row!
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  • Visual & Audio Description: FADE into MS of men on rowboat with JAMES standing, looking scared and concerned, while MICHAEL and CORNELIUS are sleeping. James is pointing out at sea.NAT SOUND: Rain pouring and waves crashing in background.
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  • Get it together James! This was our only of getting out of Australia. Now suck it up and row!!
  • Visual and Audio Description: CUT to WS: The three men approaching the typhoon. James is pointing in fear and Michael and Cornelius have woken up and are standing on the boat looking afraidNAT SOUND: Waves crashing getting louder.
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  • Visual and Audio Description: CUT to LA, CU: of typhoon. The typhoon is about 15 feet tall and moving fast. NAT SOUND: Waves crashing even louder and large waves crashing against rocks.
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  • Help! Help! Over here!
  • Yes James! It's massive
  • Visual and Audio Description: FADE to CU: James with his hands in his face as he cries in fear of the typhoon. Cornelius yells to the front to tell James to stop crying.SOUND: James crying.NAT SOUND: Waves crashing extremely loud.
  • We've got this boys!
  • Visual and Audio Description: LS: Michael, James, and Cornelius paddle through the typhoon. While motivating each other to keep rowing. NAT SOUND: Waves crashing and waves crashing against the side of the rowboat.
  • Come on boys, paddle, were almost through the worst of it. I see a ship on the other side!
  • Visual and Audio Description: WS: Michael, James, and Cornelius passed the typhoon and continue to paddle. They notice a ship in the distance near some large rocks. NAT SOUND: Rain pouring and the ship crashing in the waves.
  • Do you guys see the ship too?
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