Robot Takeover
Updated: 12/20/2019
Robot Takeover
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  • Exposition On a bright sunny day in Vancouver Danny just recently turned 16 which means he needs to find a job to make money to pay for food. Danny wanted to get his first job as a McDonalds worker.
  • Rising action & conflict One day at the mall Danny saw a hiring sign for McDonald's but he didn't think he could get a job because all the jobs have been taken by robots because the town wanted to automate the jobs. He was getting nervous for the interview.
  • .ClimaxDanny went to the McDonald's and said to the robot " Hello i am here for the job" The robot took him back to the interviewing office and started interviewing him. He finished the interview and he thought he did pretty good. After that he went home and went to sleep.
  • Falling actionWhen Danny was going to sleep he kept thinking to himself "Did I really do well on the interview or is that what the robot is programmed to say"? He almost couldn't even fall asleep, but when he woke up he got called and said he didn't get the job because a robot took it.
  • Resolution When Danny went back to the mall he noticed a group of protesters he asked what they were doing and they said "we can't get any so jobs they are protesting against the robots". Danny decided to join them and ask the president to get rid of the robots and he said " i will give you one day to work and if you get better sales than the robots i will get rid of them" There was a jolt of excitement in the room (metaphor) so they went back and started working. At first there was not that many people coming in but when people started to
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