Updated: 3/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Pedro Alvarez Cabral was born in 1467-1468 in Belmonte, Portugal. He was the second son of a rich family who was in service to the king.He received his education from the royal court. Not much else is known about his early life.
  • I expect you to follow de Gama's route to India and establish a trade port there. Be sure to spread Catholicism too. Oh, and don't forget to find me new land to claim in the Atlantic!
  • When Cabral was 30, King Manuel I put him in charge of a 1200 man, 13 ship expedition that left from Lisbon, Portugal on March 9, 1500
  • On his way to India, Cabral's ships hit a bad storm and four of his ships sank, killing the crew and one famous explorer named Bartolomeu Dias.
  • Cabral found what is now called Brazil in April 1500
  • We got a little off course on the way to India, but look at this new land Portugal can claim!
  • In September 1500, Cabral and his men reached India. Unfortunately, they ended up fighting with the Arab traders.
  • When Cabral returned, the King was not pleased with his expedition, so he replaced him with de Gama on the next voyage. Cabral got married and had six children. He died in 1520.