Noah board
Updated: 1/21/2020
Noah board
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Its my board of ancient times of maya and zapotec

Storyboard Text

  • Geography of Meso america
  • Olmec culture
  • The Olmec Legacy
  • Meso america is a tropical area, dry area, and theres also high mountains terrain place. And a low coastal plain.
  • Zapotec
  • Olmec is a first major civilization appering around 1600 BCE that carved very unique stone heads.
  • The Maya
  • The olmec worked with there hands alot they carved things such as stone heads and figurines and lots of other unique things that was there culuture. And paintings .
  • Classic Maya
  • The zapotecs were indigenous people of mexico and there population concentrated on the population of southern state Oaxcaca.
  • Maya was the center of another civilization and they helped them fight against a civilization.
  • Classic maya is a language it is a principal so we know that the have a language the language was reprensted in 200-900 c.
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