Texas Comic
Updated: 2/11/2020
Texas Comic

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  • After the death of his father, Stephen F. Austin inherited a large piece of land in Texas that was meant to become a colony.
  • I have to continue my father's dream!
  • Everyone who lives here must be moral, hardworking, Christian, and must become a Mexican citizen.
  • Mexico, the owners of Texas at the time, agreed to let him start his colony, but the only people who could join had to meet certain conditions.
  • Works for me.
  • Thousands of Americans and Tejanos (Texans born from Mexicans) came to the colony. However, they all had their complaints about each other.
  • We want you Americans to treat us with respect!
  • We don't like speaking Spanish or taking orders from Mexicans!
  • Mexico responded to this by closing off the borders to Americans. When Stephen Austin asked for this to be changed, Mexico's leader, Santa Anna, had him jailed.
  • All I did was ask a question...
  • Santa Anna proceeded to invade Texas in order to crush the rebels. He had many victories, but in the end he was defeated in a surprise attack.
  • Texas stayed independent for 10 years after that, but was eventually added to the United States in 1845