Potato Story 2
Updated: 3/11/2021
Potato Story 2

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  • The potatoes were soon a standard supply item on exploration ships. The Spanish noticed that the sailors who ate potatoes did not suffer from scurvy - a disease associated with too little vitamin C in the diet. Potatoes easily prevented this as it is plentiful in vitamin C.
  • Potato slowly spread throughout Europe. When introduced into Germany in the 1620s, the nutritional properties of the potato were finally acknowledged.
  • Frederick the Great, the Prussian ruler, ordered his people to plant and eat them as a deterrent to famine, a common and recurrent problem of that period.
  • Eat More Potatoes
  • Another helper to the fame of the potato is a French agriculturist, Antoine Augustin Parmentier. He made it his mission to popularize the potato after his time as a prisoner of war in Prussia. Parmentier succeeded with the help of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.
  • Potato dishes were created in great variety and the potato became a delicacy enjoyed by the nobility. The French populace soon coveted potatoes for themselves.
  • As the popularity of the potato slowly accumulated, it eventually reached the US. Europeans brought the potato into North America in the 1620s when the British governor in the Bahamas made a special gift of them to the governor of Virginia.