Oppression in story of Moses + 21st century

Updated: 5/12/2020
Oppression in story of Moses + 21st century

Storyboard Text

  • Israelite Slavery
  • I must quell the Israelite numbers so I can rule in peace!
  • As you say divine one, your word is law!
  • Oppression of Faith
  • Do not speak of your fake god here! HE IS NOTHING COMPARED TO THE GREAT ONES!
  • But, but!... (sigh)... As you command master.
  • Oppression of Freedom of Speech
  • Ummmm... I think I deserve pay for my hard work, and some time off for my efforts!
  • The first example of Oppression in the story of Moses is how the Israelites are forced to become slaves just because their population is expanding and how the pharaoh fears they will take over even though he has no real proof.
  • Women in Asia & The Middle East
  • See you honey! Oh and don't forget to do all the chores before I get home tonigh!
  • A second example of oppression in this bible story is how the Israelites weren't allowed to practice their Jewish religion freely as the Egyptians didn't believe in God. They instead practiced discreetly in their homes.
  • The African Americans of the USA
  • I wish I could have a job I liked that payed well so I could support my family like the whites but I'm stuck here just because of the colour of my skin!
  • Another example of oppression in this story is how the Israelites weren't allowed to complain or even discuss the terms of their work and as a result were overworked and starved on the pain of death if they stopped.
  • Ethnic Minorities in China
  • I am a government official and I would like you to stop practising your religion, or else
  • Most women in most of Asia and the Middle East have a quality of life 2nd to men. They receive a substandard education limited on the expectations of society and are expected to stay at home with the kids and do chores.
  • I wish I could go outside, get a job and work hard. Instead I'm stuck inside with the kids and doing the chores! I hate my life!
  • Alright. See ya honey!
  • In some parts of America African-Americans live in poverty and basic rights such as healthcare, education and job opportunities are compromised on and even cut out, which compared to white people is appaling.
  • In some ethic minorities are discriminated against and opposed, both actively and subconsciously. A good example of this currently in the world are the Muslim minority called the Uyghurs who are being brutally oppressed
  • You can't force us... Fine we'll stop