Social Studies Project
Updated: 10/10/2018
Social Studies Project
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This is a nice dandy comic strip I thought up while walking to Computer Lab.

Storyboard Text

  • This is a hominid. Hominids are groups of modern humans, and also relatives of modern humans.
  • I am from the Old Stone Age. I hunt and gather for food.
  • Look, fire!
  • People are still unsure how people discovered fire. Some say lightning simply struck a tree. The hominids were afraid, but they learned how to keep it going.
  • With fire, hominids could cook, travel to colder climates, warm themselves, and even light animals on fire.
  • Fire is SO useful!
  • Hominids made more advanced tools in the Middle Stone Age. They also discovered that they could refine their tools using fire.
  • Maybe I could make tools out of wood,bone, and stone. This would be a great advancement in technology!
  • Farming marked the very beginning of the New Stone Age. Farming allowed hominids to settle in one place for long periods of time because they did not need to move to pursue animal herds. 
  • Women usually farm while men hunt and gather. Tending to the crops is very hard work and requires skill.
  • In the New Stone Age, people used different ways of irrigation to get water to their crops. In Egypt, people struck the dirt around the water to let water in the fields and by irrigating crops well, they became a very successful civilization.
  • Irrigating is very important if you want the crops to flourish!
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