second page of fanstay storyyy
Updated: 6/2/2020
second page of fanstay storyyy

Storyboard Text

  • NOOO please no! Wake up !
  • Where gonna get you!!!!!!!!
  • They wanted to do that hunt so i sent you guys on it , I would never hurt you guys !
  • I sent you on this because of your parents!
  • They see the griffin, the griffin comes up to them and punches ollie in the face very hard . Ollies falls to the ground and start to bleed . She realises that she has powers and that she could heal him! She tries....
  • He gets up and kisses her ! They blush but then realise the gold is gone and that they are in very big trouble but they know they have each other they walk outside and walk back home
  • They come back and the uncle explains to them that he would never hurt them he wanted them to do the hunt that her parents wanted to do ! But he would never hurt them !!! And they lives happily ever after !