Updated: 11/30/2020

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  • EXPOSITIONWhen Jason saw his past in a dream., wondering if it's real, a centaur told him that it's true and revealed that his father was once a king. his father was killed by his own uncle, Pelias succeeded in claiming the throne in Iolklos. the reason why Jason was still alive because a soldier helps him to escape. upon this revelation, Jason decided to go to Iolklos.
  • CONFLICTWhile on his journey he met an old woman to cross the river the old woman told Jason that his uncle Pelias was searching for the Golden fleece. an oracle warned Pelias about a stranger with only one sandal, Jason met his mother but Pelias offered Jason to look for golden fleece in exchange for his mother's life.
  • RISING ACTIONAfter successfully gathering a crew, Jason and the argonauts starts their journey to look for the golden fleece. Zeus intentionally mislead their course to the sea and brought them to Poseidon, and lost their map, Zeus make their journey harder and challenging. they also encounter a man-eating monster, harpies, while finding Phineus told them the fleece lies in colhis.