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Updated: 10/10/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Mr. congress man! I had a wonderful idea. what if buses stopped at railroad tracks to check for trains
  • Random lady citizen, I think that is a wonderful idea, ill call up the comittee and tell them about it
  • We want it! we think its a good idea
  • Aright, the majority have spoken. It will go to the House of Reps
  • Its a great idea!
  • So, for concluding todays get together, who in this committee wants school buses to stop at railroads.
  • I think its a terrible idea. No from me
  • We do!
  • The majority have spoken, it will now go to the Senate
  • I don't like it
  • Who here in the house of reps, votes yes on this Bill?
  • I vote yes!
  • Yes!
  • Alright alright. It'll go to the president
  • I don't like it
  • Its a yes from me!
  • Alright, you guys know the drill. Yes or no on this bill?
  • I vote yes!
  • Mr. President, What do you have to say about the bill?
  • I love it, it is now a law
  • Buses are required to stop at railroads.Mr. President