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positive feedback
Updated: 9/4/2018
positive feedback
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  • Hey Mark, I cut my hand cooking a couple days ago and I'm not sure what to do. 
  • Ouch! As long as you cleaned the cut positive feedback will take care of the rest. 
  • What does my cut have to do with positive feedback?
  • Well, once a vessel is damaged, like your cut, platelets start to cling to the injured site and release chemicals to attract more platelets.
  • And what does that cause? A constant feedback loop?
  • Technically yes, the platelets continue to pile up until the clot is formed. The cut on your hand is the stimulus, or problem, but your body sees it as a good thing. Positive feedback could be seen as your effector, it's solving the problem of your cut hand by going above and beyond to close your wound. 
  • Geez, thank you so much for the info on postive feedback Mark, I'm way less terrified and more educated on the way my body works. Glad I have positive feedback loops there to amplify when need be!
  • No problem Kasey, I gotta put that knowledge to use some how. HAHAHA
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