Updated: 12/13/2019
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  • It was a long time ago, in a treacherous land. Where one man couldn’t travel on his lonesome without some sort of sharp blade. For if he were to travel defenseless; he surely would end in defeat. There was a demon named Grendel; who was pure evil, in this dark and dangerous world. Hrothgar was king of his land, but fortunately he’s grown old and is now sitting in submission. For he himself is not strong enough to fight this evil, but a warrior arisen named Beowulf. Beowulf himself believes he owes a great favor to the king; because he once helped his father in the past. Grendel for continues nights has been attacking Hereot Hall, this exquisite hall filled with mead, owned by the King himself. For this hall might be exquisite, but for the past nights, there has been terror, all because of Grendel. Now, so many men have lost their lives, from this demon that portrays a pure evil, and Beowulf is on his way to slay this monster.
  • You may think that you owe the King a great favor, but you’re going to regret your noble ways.
  • Now that you’re here, I’m going to end your wrath.
  • I’m only a creature, hunting for food, and I surely don’t mind making you my next supper.
  • you think you can kill me; you’ll be surely mistaken.k
  • [struggling] You’re stronger than I expected, but I don’t believe you’re strength is the thing that’s going to end my life.
  • g[ I will do whatever it takes, just to continue my reign, for I am the king of this area, and will end any mortals life.
  • As the tense brawl isbrewingup, something else is brewing up. There’s going to be another casualty other than Beowulf or Grendel.g
  • While Grendel, is exhausted; so is Beowulf. While both facing their own exhaustion, Grendel, gets up, runs toward Beowulf and throws him into the fiery pits of the once great hall. For this hall is now is in great dismemberment, and soon this land as well.g
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