The Lack of Control
Updated: 7/22/2020
The Lack of Control
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Mr. Trump does not like how people do not follow his orders and is getting upset with his lack of control. However, when questioned, he makes a huge deal about how these people not listening to him is a "matter of national security". Afterward, when Mr. Trump is finished with his press conference, he admits to his personal adviser that he is just upset that people will not listen to him.

Storyboard Text

  • The people just will not listen to me. I know what is best for everyone, and people are just disgracing me as the President!
  • But Mr. Trump, the people are only protesting to protect their rights.
  • I thought this was a national security meeting, not a pity party
  • No offence, but it seems like you are only worried about your control over the people.
  • What do you mean by "control over the people" and "pity party"? This is a matter of profound importance and greatly impacts the security of our nation!
  • You know, defending yourself like this shows the opposite of what you are trying to say.
  • How dare you assumes that i only have personal benefit in mind. I am the president of this country and its safety is my priority.
  • Ok this is getting out of hand. We get what you are saying, so can we just get back to the original topic of conversation?
  • Fine then. Ahem! Where was I? Oh yes, the people just will not listen to what I have to say......
  • 45 Minutes Later
  • Well done on your presentation today sir, I think you really won over the audience after that one outburst
  • Understood sir. There will never be another word of this conversation.
  • Thank you, but it really bothered me when those reporters could see right through me. My control over this nation is slipping and I want it back. Also, if i ever hear you mention a word of this conversation, you are a dead man.
  • This is gonna be a long day.
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