Chains Storyboard (Extra-Credit)

Updated: 10/26/2020
Chains Storyboard (Extra-Credit)

Storyboard Text

  •  After Bellingham searched the Lockton's house for the money to bribe the Patriots that Isabelle told them about, Ms. Lockton wanted to leave and started packing. Mr. Lockton was not happy and beat Mrs. Lockton. Isabelle, Ruth and Becky were in another room and heard the crashing of vases on ceramic. Mrs. Lockton made Isabelle clean up a drop of blood, claiming that she missed a spot of paint.
  • The Locktons Fight
  • Ch. 13, Pg. 7 “Bet you that was the wash pitcher,” she said. Craaash! “And the basin,” she added. “Do they often fight like this?” I asked. “Often enough,” Becky said. She stopped as Madam cried out in pain. “The master likes to be obeyed. He’s not happy she wants to head for Charleston. And she don’t want to stay here.”
  • Mr. Lockton is having a private meeting with other loyalists, Mrs. Lockton isn't allowed in, but she wants to know what they are discussing, so she sends in Isabelle with cheese, bread and strawberries. At first they discussed things that Isabelle found uninteresting, for example how the Patriots they attempted to bribe turned down the hundreds of acres of land they where offered. Isabelle was caught off guard when the mayor said that "The time for bribery and persuasion is past. This is the hour when we must unsheathe our swords." Mr. Lockton disagreed, but "Goldbuttons" did, saying how New York being loyal would cut off New England from the other colonies and comparing it to cutting a vine from its roots. The mayor further suggested that that would not work, and that to ensure a root won't grow back you must pull it out and burn it, they must kill General Washington,
  • Isabelle Hears How The Loyalists Plan To Kill Washington
  • Ch. 14, Pg. 7Lockton shook his head. “We’ve been over this, David. Our task is to hold this city loyal, nothing more.” The mayor leaned back in his chair. “Holding is not enough. They’re coming after us, raiding our homes for lead and our stores for anything they desire.” Goldbuttons wiped the cheese from his fingers with a handkerchief. “I agree with Elihu. A Loyal New York cuts off New Englandfrom the other colonies. The rebellion will wither like a vine cut off at the roots.” “Cut off a vine and it will grow back,” the mayor said. “You must pull it out of the ground and burn it to ensure it is dead.” “We must kill their commander.” Goldbuttons frowned. “How so?” “The beast has grown too large,” the mayor said. “If it breaks free of its chains, we are all in danger. We need to cut off its head.”