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Nolan's Beowulf Comic Strip
Updated: 9/21/2018
Nolan's Beowulf Comic Strip
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  • As nights went on, Hrothgar and his people of Herot were terrified of the constant and vicious attacks.
  • Someone help, please!
  • Along came the mighty Beowulf, the slayer of evil. He was here to defeat the murderous Grendel and save Herot. 
  • I am here to save you all! Fear not anymore!
  • After battling, Beowulf defeated Grendel and cut off his arm. The people of Herot rejoiced and Beowulf was rewarded with treasures. Little did they know, more was to come.
  • The monster has been defeated! Worry no more!
  • After a much tougher battle, Beowulf defeated Grendel's Mother. The people of Herot were now safe and very joyous.
  • The monsters are gone! Herot is now safe!
  • Beowulf and his geats headed home with honor and many treasures. After years of peace at home, Beowulf would fight his last battle against a dragon. 
  • Beowulf died from injuries endured by the dragon. Beowulf knew it was his time to go, so he left treasures for his geats. The geats were shocked and saddened. Beowulf was really gone.
  • Rest in great peace to our lord, Beowulf. 
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