Updated: 1/31/2021

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  • Once upon a time was a princess named Fifi. Fifi was about to get marry to the prince of Canada. His name was Stan. He had a royal friend named Ugly Bob. Fifi was very happy with her new to come life. Actually she was so happy that she couldn't stop smiling all the time. And she had the most beautiful smile in the whole Kingdom with her bright white teeth. Everybody were jealous of her beauty, her good luck in life but mostly of her smile
  • But the girls of the Kingdom were so jealous of her, that they hired the awful evil monster of Tooth Decay to come and kidnap the beautiful princess. They offered him a lot of teeth, and sweets as a payment, and the only thing he had to do was to take princess Fifi far far away
  • Prince Stan was helpless. He didn't know what to do. He was brave and strong but not clever enough to fight the evil monster.But Thank God Ugly Bob was very clever. You see when he was just a kid nobody was playing with him. All the kids in the Kingdom were afraid of his ugliness. So having nothing to do he became a friend with a Fairy. And that fairy was his teacher. She tough him nothing though about fighting evil monsters. What she told him was that if he doesn't have an answer to a problem then visit the villages Wizard and he will help him.
  • So Ugly Bob paid a visit to the Wizard. They had a tea together and then Bob told him what was his friend problem. The Wizard heard very carefully and then he thought how to help him. He created a recipe for a magical portion that could kill the Tooth Decay.
  • And the Wizard got to work. For 3 days he was mixing herbs, yelling spell and poor Ugly Bob was sitting in a corner hoping that this portion would actually work
  • Once the portion was ready Ugly Bob run to give it to his dear friend Prince Stan. Both of them together threw it on the Monster. And the Monster died. And the Princes was free and smiling again. And that is the story of the first ever made toothpaste