Rosenhan Psychology Homework 2
Updated: 9/23/2018
Rosenhan Psychology Homework 2
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  • Range: 7 - 52 Days Average: 19 days
  • False Positive Type 2 Error = a healthy person is misdiagnosed for some time
  • False Negative Type 1 Error = a sick person is misdiagnosed and won't get the treatment they need
  • After the pseudopatients were discharged (most likely because the doctors thought they were "cured" rather than misdiagnosed), they revealed that it took a week or 2 months for the hospital to notice
  • Will They Misdiagnose A Sick Person As Healthy?
  • A 10 Point Scale where 1 and 2 reflect high confidence in patient being pseudo
  • This is probably because doctors are more eager to misdiagnose a healthy person as sick, since that's less risky than misdiagnosing a sick person as healthy because then they might not get the treatment they need
  • 193 Patients 1 Staff Member = 41 Patients 23 Patients = 1 Psychiatrist 19 Patients = Psychiatrist + Staff Member
  • This also shows how once a person is given a label, it's difficult for others to treat the said person differently, even for doctors and medical staff. This can lead to mistreatment and misunderstanding with mental health patients
  • Rosenhan then thought of a second experiment to see if this worked reversed too: they'd inform the same hospitals that they'd be sending pseudopatients and it's up to the doctors to figure out who it is
  • For the 193 patients, at least one staff member rated 41 as pseudopatients and 23 were rated highly confident by at least 1 psychiatrist and 19 by a psychiatrist plus 1 member of staff
  • But in reality, Rosenhan didn't send any pseudopatients and the ones the staff thought they found were real patients misdiagnosed as healthy. Although this is mostly because the doctors now KNEW about the research and they took it too far, but it still shows that massive errors can be made either way
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