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The Pacific Coastal
Updated: 3/27/2019
The Pacific Coastal
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Information about the Tsmishian tribe and more.

Storyboard Text

  • Introduction:
  • Clothing:
  • Types of houses:
  • Hi, My name is Noor. I am 13 years old and I live in the Pacific Coastal.I am also part of the Tsimshian tribe. This is me and my family.
  • Food:
  • In our tribe, men almost don't wear any clothing when the weather is hot. However, women wore simple clothing. But in winter men wear robes as their clothes. Women also wear heavier clothes made out of animal leather, wood, and softened-cedar. This is a picture I drew when I was 7 about my favorite clothings people in our tribe wear.
  • Climate:
  • Men and young boys
  • Women and young girls
  • People in our tribe mostly live in houses that are really long. These houses can get to over 100 ft long. However, what I like about these houses is that they fit many people that can even be 50 clans. Above is a picture of our house:
  • Role of men and women:
  • Our family's favorite food is salmon fish. That is because it is the easiest to do and hunt for since the pacific coastal is beside the pacific ocean. But we also eat other foods like cheese, garlic fries, and more.
  • Our favorite food!
  • In the pacific Coastal, winter days are either really cold or a nice ocean weather. However, in summer the weather is extremely hot.
  • Men from the Tsimshian tribe always go out and hunt for animals, go fishing, and even make carvings. Men also farm and bring supplies for their families and wives. But if a man was unmarried, he would work to get money to pay for the father's daughter for the man to be able to marry her. However, women and young girls always stay home and clean but they only go out for household stuff.
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