Updated: 12/19/2019
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  • Siddhartha was born into royalty but he had other plans. He wanted to see the real world, the world outside of the village. One day his friend brought him to see the world outside of the village. Siddhartha sees sick person and asks,"what's wrong with him". His friend replies,"He is sick." Then Siddhartha sees an old man and asks," Will that happened to me?" his friend says," If your lucky." Then lastly Siddhartha sees a dead person and asks,"Can that happen to me" and his friend replies," that happens to everyone." When Siddhartha returns to the palace he decides to live an ascetic life as the people outside of the palace live. He lives an ascetic life for 6 years and during those years a woman brings him a bowl of rice and he thanks her. Then Brahma convinces Siddhartha to become a priest and a teacher. He teaches dharma. Siddhartha believed people should live in the middle way, where life is neither good or bad. Siddhartha finally figures out the meaning of life.
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