Hard Hit
Updated: 1/12/2020
Hard Hit
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  • Hard HitBy: Ann Turner
  • Nora Nelson Laird
  • Mark is a highschooler who loves baseball. He and his dad are close; they often play baseball in the backyard and sometimes garden together. "Mark Warren-/ tenth grade-/ ...Good at magic cards,/ skateboarding,/ and baseball." (5)
  • Mark's dad finds out that he has cancer and it hits the whole family very hard. They're all sad and scared. "The phone is ringing-/ Dad runs to grab it/ sags against the wall/ Mom's face is like my/ beat-up glove/ finally he sits to tell us/ words tossed out like fly balls/ -tumor-cancer-spread-" (32)
  • There's hope when Mark's dad gets better, but then the cancer comes back and things get worse. His dad ends up in the hospital. "Nobody tells you/ what it's like/ there's no road map/ for death/ how he just got skinnier/ and more wasted unitl/ one awful day/ they stuck him in the/ hospital" (139)
  • Marks dad eventually dies. The family is very sad and it's very hard on Mark. The funeral helps them to get some closure. "The priest's words/ lift Dad's spirit/ to the sky while/ Mom's face crumples,/ Josie grips me tight" (149)
  • Mark is finding closure from his dad's death. He and his girlfriend go to bury his baseball by his dad's grave. "We scrape away the dirt/ and bury the ball from my/ no-hitter/ mixing it with his dust-/ iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou/ Dad" (161)
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