Unknown Story

Updated: 5/16/2021
Unknown Story

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  • A very stormy evening in September 1887, Watson was at Holmes' house. Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and John Openshawn entered.
  • Please tell me everything
  • I have an unusual problem
  • I need your help
  • John started telling the story from the beginning, and Holmes listened.
  • My grandfather had two sons- my father and my uncle. My father owned a factory in Coventry and became rich.
  • My uncle Elias went to live in America. He bought a plantation and he also become rich. He fought during the American Civil War
  • When John was 12 yeas old, he went to live with Uncle Elias.
  • Here you are. These are the keys of the house .
  • I didn't have one key.
  • John was about 22 years old and his face was pale.
  • One day when John was 17 years old, Uncle Elias recived a letter.
  • It's from Pondicherry in India
  • My God, this is my punish-ment
  • k.k.k.
  • John kept telling that in 1869, his uncle suddenly returned to England and went to live in Horham. His uncle didn't have any friends and he started to drink acohol. Uncle Elias didn't like visitors except John.
  • Uncle Elias returned a few moments later with and old key and a small metal box.
  • Ask Mr Fordham, the lawyer, to come please.
  • Uncle Elias was very kind with John , he gave him all the keys of the house and John went everywhere, but there was one room that it was alway locked and John didn't have the key . This room was the attic.
  • The small metal box was next to the fire. There were ashes in the flames, and a blue paper among the ashes. The box has the letters K.K.K.
  • John please, witness my will.
  • I'm leaving my money and property to your father.
  • Uncle Elias got up and went to his room. John picked up the envelope and saw three red Ks.
  • Death.
  • K.K.K
  • What's the matter, Uncle?
  • John called the lawyer. The lawyer arrived , and they went to the uncle's room.
  • K.K.K
  • K.K.K
  • John signed the will and the lawyer took it. One night Uncle Elias went out for a walk and he didn't return. In the morning, John found him next to the lake with his face in the water. He was dead. The police said that it was suicide but John didn't think the same. To be continue...
  • One day, he will leave it to you. However, if the money brings you trouble, don't keep it. Now please sing the will.
  • K.K.K