Dream Project
Updated: 2/13/2020
Dream Project

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  • Background
  • Dream
  • Why This Dream?
  • My name is Norbert Lapczynski and my parents are from Poland. My dad works in construction and my Mom works as a dentist. They moved to New Jersey where my Grandparents live.
  • Obstacles To My Dream
  • One day, I would like to work as a sales man that works at home. I would make and lot of money and work whenever i want as long as i finish my work.
  • How Will I Achieve This Dream
  • My Aunt is a sales person who makes a lot of money. She usually works home and does her work whenever she wants to. I also love to watch her work because of how interesting it is.
  • Some Obsticales that might get in my way is getting very good grades to go to a good college. Also becoming a good business man who knows about stocks and sales.
  • I will work very hard and get good grades. I also learn about stocks and how sales function. Then, i'll find a good job and make my name more well known. Then i'll work hard in my job and will always do my best.