PEC 700
Updated: 4/2/2021
PEC 700

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Storyboard Text

  • I guess you have received the letter. Im sorry to tell you during this hard time we cant afford to keep our worker. I pray the best for you in future.
  • *Two days after MCO annoounced*
  • How am I going to survive ? I don't have enough saving plus Hamiza is going to furthering her studies.
  • Hamiza, I have some bad new I have to tell you. Please don't feel too shocked.
  • Dad you are scaring me. What is it?
  • Well because of this pandemic, the economic is not going to be good. So the company decided to reduce it's staff and they had decided to terminate me.
  • What?! Omg I'm so sorry to hear that dad.
  • Yeah, that's her. She seem upset. Let's go and check up on her.
  • Hey Aiman, is that Hamiza?
  • Yeah. I think the objectives of the campaign also can suites you besides can ease your family burden.
  • My dad just lost his job and I'm furthering my studies soon. But I don't want to burden him. So, I need to do some work to gain side income.
  • Aw Hamiza, we are so sorry to hear that. But, you know, we saw some advertisement about entrepreneurship campaign for the youth.