my routine
Updated: 1/29/2021
my routine

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  • Starting my morning.
  • Let´s make some delicious breakfast!
  • And now we study!
  • We wake up every morning at 7 o´clock, one of my kids has online classes, the other one sleeps a little more because he doesn´t have classes yet, and my daughter sleeps a little more too. My husband always goes to work and I start checking my phone and answer emails.
  • Through the morning.
  • Then I usually go to the kitchen and I start to prepare some delicious breakfast. My dog is always with me and waits for something to eat.
  • Helping mom!
  • When we finished our meal, I prepare my daughter to do her homework and I do mine too. We don´t like delay with our homeworks but sometimes we don´t have enough time to do it.
  • In the afternoon.
  • And now it´s time to do the laundry and some other housework, my daughter always helps me a lot!
  • At this time of the day, my children and I go to the kitchen and we prepare our food, while one of my sons helps me to prepare, the other one plays with his sister, they are very helpful!
  • We go out every afternoon, and sometimes my daughter plays with our dog or she plays with her friends, and she also rides her bike or skates.