Unknown Story
Updated: 1/27/2021
Unknown Story

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  • At the ceremony of twelves, Jonas gets his job in the community. This is the ceremony that happens when they turn twelve for every kid in the community.
  • Jonas appears to wield what im showing him
  • Jonas begins his training with the Giver and receives memories.
  • Jonas learns memories such as snow, sledding, color, weather, pain, war, camping, and the sun.
  • im in anguish after see my bad memories
  • When the giver's daughter got the memories, it was too much for her and she was released and so was all the memories that she had been given.
  • Jonas watches a releasing and realizes how evil his community is and he finds out that Rosemary, the past receiver is the givers daughter
  • discard your bad memories
  • Jonas and the Giver come up with a plan to change the community. Jonas will learn all of the memories and when he is released the entire community wll know the memories he had from the giver
  • The plan goes wrong and his little baby brother is going to be released ahead of schedule. So, Jonas decides to take his brother Gabriel to freedom.
  • Plane!
  • They face obstacles such as search planes, starving, and freezing. But the two of them eventually escape and reach freedom