Drama week 9- The death of Ditz

Updated: 9/9/2021
Drama week 9- The death of Ditz

Storyboard Text

  • A young man has been in prison for years now for attempted murder on a man called Ditz. He's getting out today
  • The man returns from years of being in prison, glad to be back. He finds an odd note on his door
  • What's this? A note saying... welcome home?
  • After the note, he expected somthing stragne inside the house, but everything was normal. He was slightly puzzled
  • On his sofa, however, he found a phone that didn't belong to him. It wouldn't turn on. Then, someone called out "Glad you're back" and he whipped around, scared.
  • Ditz was standing there! It should've been impossible for him to get in the house, but he was there anyway, holding a gun to his own head and gesturing to a watch
  • The man is astounded and scared to find Ditz saying "You should've killed me then you know. Once five seconds are over, I'll kill myself. The man rushed forwards, but it was too late. He was horrified and guilty.