Romeo and Juliet Act 4 Summary
Updated: 5/18/2020
Romeo and Juliet Act 4 Summary

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  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Scene i
  • Scene ii
  • A Summary of Act IV by Shiv Shukla
  • Scene iii
  • Paris discusses his plans to marry Juliet and asks the Friar if he can marry them faster to end her grieving. He then leaves and Juliet enters. Juliet says she would rather kill herself than marry Paris, so the Friar and Juliet create a plan to get Juliet married to Romeo.
  • Scene IV
  • Juliet goes back to her home to ask her father for forgiveness of her previous disobedience of her marriage plans with Paris. She then leaves to get herself ready for drinking the vial and executing the Friar’s plan.
  • Scene V
  • Juliet goes to her bedroom and asks the nurse if she can be left alone for the night. She has negative thoughts that perhaps the Friar is trying to kill her with the vial, or that Romeo will not reach her before the vials effect wears off. She drinks the vial anyway.
  • The Capulet home is full of activity and wedding preparations. The musicians are playing outside when Lord Capulet notices Paris arriving. He orders the nurse to bring Juliet down from her bedroom to welcome her groom.
  • The nurse finds Juliet and realizes she is dead. Lady and Lord Capulet enter and begin to mourn Juliet’s death. They inform Paris of the news. The Friar urges the Capulets to be grateful Juliet is in a better place, and turn the wedding plans into a funeral.