Updated: 5/20/2020

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  • What a peaceful day to be unproductive, I think I can finish watching Death Note
  • Sigh! Paavam, can't keep ignoring his messages..
  • 1 Unread Message from Harsha Better be here in 3 hrs
  • Harsha
  • OK. Will start in 15 minutes.
  • Yo! Everyone is here! What's your ETA?
  • Dei! Why do I need to socialize. Bloody !
  • Oh, Maps shows 2 hours to his house. Might as well get something for the way.
  • An hour later...
  • #1 
  • Anna! 2 Chocolate chip cookies beku
  • 4 hours later
  • You're late, as usual. Here's your gift...Happy Birthday
  • For once I thought he'd show up on time! 
  • Is this supposed to be a gift for me?