The Whiskey Rebellion
Updated: 2/9/2021
The Whiskey Rebellion

Storyboard Text

  • What is Wrong With Congress?
  • Therefore, we will now tax all whiskey!
  • YEAH!
  • We shouldn't sit here and let them tax us! Let's do something about it!
  • Come on guys! I'm just the tax collector! You don't have to do this!
  • Grab The Feathers!
  • Those fools won't get away with this! I'll send 13,000 men after them if I need to!
  • Any Last Words Criminal Scum? That's what you get!
  • You can't do this!
  • In the Winter of 1791 the government passed a bill that put a tax on alcoholic beverages. This made it more difficult for farmers to make money, and they revolted. Washington sent 13,000 men to attack the rioters, and hung around 20 of them. He proved the power of the government.